Bene FullLifeGames

I am an experienced Pokémon player, YouTube video producer and programmer ready to take on the world! This website shows my current path and what is about to come!

Website-based Tools

Match Checker

Check your Smogon Tournament matches!

Replay Scouter

Scan the replays of your next tournament opponent!


I created a format called "Random Team Challenge" (RTC) with an own web application which generates Pokémon for you and your opponent!

Create GPL Draft Plans

Expanding from the RTC format I created a tool which generates semi-random teams for a format called GPL (German Pokémon League)

Sprite Converter

Extracts a given team importable and makes it into a useful sprite post!

Other Tools

Smogon / RMT Team Dump

Daily dumps of all teams posted on Smogon!

Pokémon Showdown Importable To Legit PKHeX Files Converter

A Pokemon Showdown Importable To Legit PKHeX Files Converter!


  • 1st Place - DPL - Season 1 - Playlist
  • 1st Place - DPL - Season 2 - Playlist
  • 1st Place - GPL - Season 4 - Playlist
  • 1st Place - Calyptus Poké Plaza - Playlist
  • 1st Place - Live Suspect Tour #3 - Video